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'''Tomme''' (), occasionally spelled '''Tome''', is a type of cheese, and is a generic name given to a class of cheese produced mainly in the French Alps and in Switzerland.Joel Robuchon et al., ''Larousse Gastronomique'' (New York, New York: Clarkson Potter, 2001), page 1220. It can be made from cow's, ewe's, or goat's milk. Tommes are normally produced from the skim milk left over after the cream has been removed to produce butter and richer cheeses, or when there is too little milk to produce a full cheese. As a result, they are generally low in fat.However, Tomme de Boudane and Tomme de Revard can contain as much as 20-40% fat. (Larousse (2001), p. 1220.) There are many varieties of Tommes, which are usually identified by their place of origin. The most famous of these is Tomme de Savoie. Other Tommes include Tomme Boudane, Tomme au...
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